Sunday, October 26, 2014

Jacob and the Angel – Fall 2014

Jacob and the Angel

This enigmatic Old Testament episode suggests to me the interconnectedness of opposing forces:

Human vs. Divine
Chaos vs. Clarity
Victory vs. Defeat
Fear vs. Desire
Ordeal vs. Play

The disparate elements in the paintings interact with these opposing forces to create a strangeness, a density of perception that is necessary for making a painting.

                             Jacob and the Angel (a glimpse)      30”x40”           charcoal/paper

                                        Jacob and the Angel I          40”x30”           oil/canvas

                                       Jacob and the Angel II         36”x48”           oil/canvas

                                       Jacob and the Angel III        36”x48”           oil/canvas

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Besotted by Rugs

I began this series with a full size reproduction in oil on linen of a Kurdish carpet I couldn’t afford to buy.  Then I painted 2 variations of another carpet that was out of my price range. Of course the textile-ness is missing but I get to enjoy their presence and converse with the original designers in a sense. I am particularly enamored with the way the weaving process makes for irregularities in the pattern, the “wobbly elements” as a carpet dealer called them. Once I gave these elements free rein they took off in many directions.